Windows & Linux

The Mercury Protocol is a decentralized messaging protocol that provides an unmediated exchange of text messages, photos, videos and other digital assets between two peers. The Mercury Protocol is the core feature in many applications to come. It’s message delivery system is cryptographically secure, allowing for anonymity when desired through its decentralized peer-to-peer network. These features are particularly interesting in light of news stories surfacing about online surveillance by government agencies around the world.

The current iteration of Mercury is a barebones start, but it demonstrates how simple sharing can be achieved through its features. Right now, it only supports the sending of text messages via a web interface using FirefoxPHP . In order for Mercury to be fully realized as a decentralized system, we need 3rd parties move forward with building compatible clients and/or servers that use the protocol.

In addition to this open-source project, we’re also going to release an MSN Messenger plugin after some thorough testing on our side. We’ve had it running for while now without any issues so hopefully everyone else will have good luck too. This plugin will be offered free of charge at first, but there are plans in place for later on down the road to include premium services.