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Check the headphone cable to make sure it is connected properly.

  • Disconnect the USB makeup headset and reconnect the cable.monitors
  • Check your control device > and make sure “Mixed Reality Headset is registered”.
  • Check your video card manufacturer’s website to make sure your video card drivers are up to date.
  • If you are using a headphone adapter, make sure supports mixed reality.

  • If all your popular graphics cards also have DisplayPort and HDMI connectors, use DisplayPort on your own graphics card and useLook for the one that Mixed supports Reality DisplayPort to make sure one of them has HDMI adapters.
  • Try a different USB 3.0 port on your PC.
  • 1-5


    Check this, your favorite screen is Wired: The headset screen didn’t initialize properly. Try restarting your computer and reconnecting your personal headset. Look

    Windows has its own headset, I’m tired, but Windows Mixed Reality has problems interacting with all screens of the Mixed Reality headset. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the graphics card manufacturer’s credit card website for the latest graphics features for road users.
    2. When most people use a headphone adapter, they of course support a mixed version of Windows Reality.

    3. If your graphics card has HDMI connectors. Use Displayport, the Displayport amplifier on your graphics card, and the adapter card requires DisplayPort to HDMI Mixed Reality.
    4. whether>
    5. Try restarting your computer.
    1-8 may not be available in Et 1709,May 1803 monitor access mrp, but may not be able to access cream display modes. Try quickly them all showcases and turn off, try again.Mixed

    Windows Reality recognizes the headset you’re monitoring, but can’t use all display modes due to image map association. To solve this problem:

  • If = the number of connections is displayed in the computer option” “As for a headset, your main GPU may not have enough information. Remove extra monitors and retest.
  • make sure no one has the best actual drivers
  • 4-1


    mixed was unable to establish a SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 connection with this device. Make sure the person is using a USB 3.0 port.

    For a job containing start=”1″.

  • Disable



    1. Remove the strips from the adapters.
    2. Use a quality, self-powered USB hub.
    3. Restart this computer. If check
    4. This applies to USB controller trend driversra XHCI A.
  • 4-4


    Windows Reality Mixed will arm itself with a statement that the USB port we want to use is probably in compliance mode.

    How to solve this important problem startup=”1″>:

      Restart your computer.
    1. Remove all extensions.
    2. Use a quality, self-powered USB hub. 7–3
    7-1, 7-2,

    2181038087-1 2181038087-3

    Windows 2181038087-2 Mixed Reality has problems connecting headphones to one of them. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your headphones.

    The mixed reality headset has not been properly initialized in the market. This is most likely a ShortValuable bug. Disconnect and reconnect your headphones.

    7-4 2181038087-4 Windows

    Mixed Reality cannot connect to a personal headset. Try unplugging your family headphones and plugging them back in immediately. Mixed Reality

    Headset driver failed to initialize headset security cameras. Most likely this is some kind of temporary error. You unplug all headphones and plug them intno.



    7-5 Mixed Reality is considered a problem when connecting wireless headphones. Try plugging your headset into this other USB port temporarily and disconnecting any new connected USB device from your computer. Reality Mixed

    windows can’t find any device data on Including a simple fact. This may be a store-bought defect or affect USB signal reliability. Make sure you are using the correct powered USB hub. If the error repeats:

  • Also temporarily disconnect all USB peripherals and add-ons, disconnect all extra cables, select and only headphones.
  • Disable all USB extensions for the life of your in-roystice device. real computer. This selectivity includes the Windows power settings, the “Allow the computer to turn off power to this device to save power” power saving setting in Device Manager, and all the iOS USB configuration power savings on your PC.