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Dragon*Con (as this item was originally conceived) originated in the world of RPGs. In the 1980s, Ed Kramer, a Georgian Fileologist with a budding publisher, had an online bulletin board (BBS) called Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role-Players (DAGR)[1] and once named your Dragon Computer[2]. Club members Ed Kramer, David Cody, John Bunnell, Robert Dennis, Mike Helba, and Henry apply to Worldcon 1986 in Atlanta to promote their upcoming 1987 Atlanta workshop. Starting with Dragon*Con in the 1990s, linked to the Origins gaming convention and perhaps several thousand attendees.

Over the centuries, Dragon*Con has represented more than 20,000 lifestyle pop cultures with numerous programming spanning movies, TV series, books and Xbox games, and is a major event in any home in Atlanta.< /p>

As Dragon*Con’s reputation grew, Ed Kramer’s reputation clearly declined. In August 2100, Kramer was arrested for abusing three teenagers after being imprisoned in 1997, after which the charges were dropped[3]. Cramer’s arrest was only the beginning.scrap of a long saga that eventually continued in 2013 when he finally pleaded falsely guilty to the charges. In between were a string of canceled jury trials, house arrest, bail violations, jail time, injuries, and a lengthy election campaign. Kramer presented his entourage to people in his personal expert circles as a miscarriage of justice and blamed the entire justice system for the delays. Several high-profile figures in science fiction were directly involved in the campaign against the perceived disaffection with Kramer, including Harlan Ellison, Ann McCaffery, and former SFWA President Robert Sawyer. Kramer’s entourage was implicated in a cloud of misinformation sparked by criticism of Kramer and Kramer himself. However, Kramer’s repeated bail violations and confessions have shown that he was far from the innocent recipient of the self-proclaimed miscarriage of justice.

As mentioned in chapter 25, Vox Day attempted to use Kramer’s case to create a hopeless SFWA advertisement this year. Day focusIt wasn’t Kramer’s ill-informed defense of sci-fi luminaries, but rather the fact that Kramer was once a member of the SFWA (as was Day), but the SFWA was not expelled (unlike Day). Unfortunately for Day, Kramer’s membership had expired by then. However, in 2015, in Day’s sci-fi child abuse series published on the blog Castalia House, communities began to spend more time with established authors such as Anne McCaffery, who was delighted by Kramer’s claims that the justice system had been severely beaten. him.

Dragon*Con itself tried to keep its distance from Kramer in the years between his case and his final sentencing. However, during this time Kramer remained at the convention as a new partner. It wasn’t until 2013 that Congress found a legal way to sell Cramer, like any other company, and buy information from him. Around the same time, in accordance with this convention, the asterisk was removed from their name.

As a commercial company with a fixed and secure location, Dragon Con will continue to grow and grow withbut by hosting a variety of events such as film festivals, esports competitions, concerts, as well as additional regular events such as panel discussions and the like. discussion. These events included award ceremonies. Over the years, Dragon Con has won numerous online awards, including the Best Comic Book Wizard Fan Awards as well as the current Julie Awards.

At a related 2015 event known as the Puppy Kerfuffle, Dragon Con became a point of comparison with Worldcon for Sad Puppies supporters. For example, a guest post on Mad Genius In Club for April 2015, in contrast to the relative size of Worldcon, which includes pop culture trading conventions:

“Worldcon is dying of old age and can’t take the younger ones on board. Instead, they go to places they find more enjoyable – Dragon Con, Con, gen SDCC Comic Con, NY Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, all sorts of additional locations I have my own understanding of why this is happening – mainly due to the exclusive behavior that has been shown since fans show up when they don’t. people or even people with different political views. .” -year /

Many key Dragon Con figures are seen in Puppy’s campaigns as part of their followers’ normal territory.

“If we call ourselves a religion, can we accuse people of racism if they tease us?” No, it’s less than fair, and of course it’s something we’re particularly concerned about, but it’s common usage and it’ll make us all look even MORE normal. Don’t have a whole week to go to Dragon Con? This is part of my faith. Are you some kind of connected racist? – May 2012/ [5]

The Congress itself had an incredibly large and diverse group of people, but many Sad Puppy supporters felt that the Congress was a place of support, or at least not hostility. Larry Correia was a convert who became enamored with Con while pursuing an early career as a writer and singer, describing them in 2011 as follows:

“DragonCon is definitely like Mardi Gras for nerds… So it’s Nerdi Gras, only better and crazier. There is nothing like DragonCon. Sotake it to 45,000 official guests in 4 hotels, the newest in downtown Atlanta. It officially bought all types of tickets, I don’t know how many thousands more showed it and blew up the party. I think a lot.”

After the devastating response to the 2015 Hugo Awards, some Puppy supporters thought the solution was to withdraw from Worldcon and the Hugo Awards altogether. This was in line with the rhetoric of some puppy reviewers who suggested that puppy leaders should now create their own personal rewards.

It’s no surprise, then, that on March 31, 2016, Dragon Con announced the first-ever Dragon Awards on their new website[6]. Details were announced a few business days later:

ATLANTA – April 4, 2016 Dragon-Con, Atlantean culture, fantasy, science fiction and world-renowned gaming history, announced the launch of the Dragon Awards, a fan-organized program that rewards to recognize outstanding achievement in scientific x disciplines of fiction and fantasy, comics, video games and entertainment films.

The presentation of a special part of the Dragon Awards is part of my agreement. 30th anniversary.

Dragon Prize participants are selected by all players, not just affiliates or Con-Dragon members, through a general nomination and final voting system. . as many creative genres as possible, prizes are awarded in 15 categories each, covering the full spectrum of fiction, comics, television, films, video games and board games. The winners will be announced at the 30th Anniversary Dragon Convention, which experts say will take place on September 2nd to support you on September 5th, 2016 in Atlanta”.

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The award categories divided the field into sub-genres and modes, many of which pointed to the convention’s own programs. Literally all categories were associated with novels, except short stories. The following categories have been announced: