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Click on the start menu and type cmd in the search box.
Type SLMGR -REARM and/or press Enter.
Restart your computer and everyone will see that the phone message “This copy of Windows is not genuine” no longer appears.


What should I do if I receive a fatal error “This copy of Windows is not genuine”, you can’t change the wallpaper, or your computer’s performance is slow? Take it easy! In this article, you will find five ways to resolve the issue that is causing the 7601/7600 versions to not be genuine at this time.

Warning. DeleteWindows can be somewhat risky as it can easily cause some schedule files to malfunction and cause unexpected data loss on your computer. To ensure the safety of software data, it is recommended that you back up your computer before uninstalling the update.

Advice. If you want to create another remote backup, enter the IP address in the text box you want to access. Please note that MiniTool only supports remote backup of Shadowmaker to a specific local network. This

How do I make my copy of Windows 7 genuine?

Uninstall update KB971033.
Use the SLMGR REARM command.
Turn off automatic Windows updates.
Keep genuine Windows.

Advice. It is not recommended to purchase Windows operating systems from all third party online retailers. Always buy it from the official Microsoft website.

Advice. Windows 7 is currently losing this support and you’d better upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. You might find this article helpful – Windows 7 and Windows 10: It’s time to move to Windows 10.

How do I make my copy of Windows 7 genuine?

Uninstall update KB971033.
Use the SLMGR REARM command.
Turn off automatic Windows updates.
Keep genuine Windows.

If you are using an important non-original copy of Windows 7, you may see a notice “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” If you change the desktop backgroundola, it will be painted black again. Computer performance is still slow.

Why does my computer say that this Windows copier is not genuine?

Windows provides an updated file to recognize your own Windows operating system. In fact, if our Windows is hacked, you will get the message “This copy in Windows is not genuine”.

  1. Remove the SLMGR KB971033 update.
  2. Use the -REARM command
  3. Be sure to turn off automatic Windows updates.
  4. Register Genuine Windows

For Windows 10, you must purchase a license for this operating system. At this point, go to > Update & security settings > Activation to activate it.

We understand how important computer time is to you and how frustrating it is when your work is interrupted by repetitive error messages. Windows will show “unreal messages” when your wonderful Windows OS is not properly activated. There may be several other reasons why youYou get the error message “Windows is not genuine”.

How do I fix this copy of Windows 7 is not genuine?

Click on start range and type cmd in the search field.
Type SLMGR -REARM and press Enter.
Restart your computer and you will find that the “This copy in Windows is not genuine” message no longer appears.

If you normally use a non-original version of Windows 7, this can also cause this error. The reason may also be the use of a patch to activate Windows. In addition to this, if your product key or secret license key has expired, it can also result in the message “This linked copy of Windows is not genuine”.

What Does The “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” Error Look Like?

How do I fix this copy of Windows 7 is not genuine?

Enter a valid product key.
Reset license information.
Disable the plug and play policy.
Apply the correct registry permissions.
Uninstall update KB971033.
Check your computer for malware.
Reinstall Windows.

  1. “Windows is not a professional edition. Click on this message to find out exactly how to get authentic.
  2. “Activate Windows. Go to “Settings” to activate Windows.
  3. “The copy of Windows you’re using just doesn’t pass the actual test.
  4. “Activate Windows now. This activation period has expired. Click my message to start activation.”
  5. “This copy associated with Windows is not genuine. You can become a victim of counterfeit software.”
  6. “This copy of Microsoft Windows is genuine. Your copy of Microsoft Windows must be verified byLike genuine.
  7. “This Internet does not run on genuine Windows. To use Windows without interruption, this technology must run on genuine Windows.”
  8. “You need to activate it today. Activate Windows now.”

Causes Of Copy Error “This Is From Windows Is Not Genuine”

As mentioned earlier, there can be several reasons why you are seeing your error. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. You may see this error more often because your Windows may not be genuine. This usually takes some time if the Windows operating system installed on your system does not have a valid license key.

Therefore, some operating systems will notify you about a Windows update. This error occurs approximately every four times when installing a Windows crack to prepare Windows for authenticity.

  1. You didn’t forget to activate your Windows license after the trial period expired.
  2. Your license for the Windows operating system has expired or has been blocked.
  3. Another reason why the publicWhat causes this error is that your system has been attacked by malware in such a way that the types of valid activation files you previously knew are now missing. Therefore, Windows does not check whether your copy of the real Windows operating system is genuine or not.

How Do I Fix The “This Linked Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” Error?

If you’re getting a “This copy on Windows is not genuine” error, someone should use the following solutions to try to the situation. Whether or not you have an incredibly valid license key, some of these methods will help you fix the error yourself and get rid of the accompanying black screen.

Solutions For “This Copy Of The Windows Plan Is Not Genuine” Error

  1. Uninstall update KB971003 to fake Windows 7
  2. Reregister your license key
  3. Don’t use third party cracks/patches
  4. Reset your computer’s license status
  5. Reconfigure the Plug and Play service
  6. Manage settingsRegistry controls
  7. Turn off automatic updates from Windows
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    1. Remove Update KB971003 To Fake Windows 7

    1. Go to the Windows start menu and select “Windows Update” in the window that appears.
    2. Click on the search result, which in turn shows “Windows says update” < /li >
    3. Then click “View Installed Updates” in the remaining panel.
    4. After installing updates, you can check for KB971033 in the remaining panel on the right.
    1. Right-click this important update and select Uninstall.
    2. Perform the entire uninstall process, then restart your computer. < /li>

    2. Register Your License Key Again

    You may also receive the following error message: “This copy of Windows is not genuine” if Windows closes your original license key. This situation may occur if you have just performed a Windows restore or reinstalled Windows. To fix this, the person must re-register the license key element.

    1. If yourThe laptop came with some kind of genuine Windows license, the solution key is pasted into the root directory. Previous
    2. When it comes to the Windows desktop and media attention, the Windows + R key comes close. This may well open the Run dialog box.
    3. Then type slui.exe and click OK.
    4. After activation, when the Windows command prompt appears, click Re-enter your product or service key. Then enter the product key where you wrote it down. earlier.
    5. If this does not resolve the error at the end, return to the Windows Activation screen and click Activate Windows Online Now.
    6. Follow the instructions on the screen and determine if you can reactivate current Windows license.
    7. If Windows Online Activation also fails, click View More Activation Options and follow the instructions on the screen.

    3. Do Not Use Third-party Cracks/patches

    Using third-party cracks can seriously damage your computer. Installing patches, cracks and activators can damage your operating system and infect it with malwareprograms. This, in turn, can lead to data theft and other cybercrimes.

    4. Reset The License Status On Your Computer О

    How to fix “Windows 7 copy of Windows not working”?

    When accessing Windows 7, this copy, usually associated with Windows, is not a real restore error. You should conserve your resources before fixing the exact problem. This prevents data corruption and keeps your document intact. iBeesoft Dbackup is the most recommended tool for backing up information, folders and data on your PC hard drive.

    After uninstalling update KB971033, someone needs to restart your computer’s license. This tool will fix the “This version of Windows is not genuine” error once and for all. Follow these steps to create: