Windows & Linux

Sharp Sera applications are also available for Gists, where installation can be done without them.
they are always up to date, really have traces, are quickly fixed and launched, and can also work cross-platform and locally
Operating Windows, macOS and Linux.

To sum it up: Sharp apps make your workflow much easier and easier.
This can be done in real time without compiling using a JavaScript-inspired syntax.
and access the standard library with full built-in support
for the most popular DBMS,
Redis, AWS and Azure which in many cases can be optional for
Support for extended plugins.

Windows Desktop Applications .NET Core

One of the main disadvantages of modern desktop application development is the constant limitations of the available UI frameworks, which are clearly not as flexible and feature rich.
such as modern custom renderers, development time/iterations, large and slow downloads, preforces
and versions,tedious updates, resulting in both an increase in the cost of developing desktop applications, and a decrease in availability and achievable popularity
an additional barrier that can prevent the intrusion of forced installations.

Electron solves one of these problems and has grown in popularity over native apps due to its more productive and unique network development model.
and partial support for auto insurance renewal policies, but this still requires a large download and pre-installation. Next

On the contrary

A small majority of apps get set to net size by .NET Core locale, i.e. app
dotnet discussed by Sharp Apps, only very application-specific web resources and #Script purchase files need to be loaded, which does
They are much smaller, faster, and load (and run instantly).

They can be reduced even further by applying embedded resources to the built-in service stack as if they were built-in
SVG images plus stylesheet and /css/bootstrap. Lots of CSS whoseand apps benefit from sharpening to reduce their valuable desktop footprint

Vue Table Template

How do I run Microsoft Fix it tool?

The most versatile work template built for Gist desktop applications is the Vue desktop template, which might work
Since the standards were created, two true vue-lite .NET Core web applications have emerged that can be directly combined if desired.
one GitHub Gist and run defined as Gist desktop app:

Launching Basic Office Applications

If you have already done so, do not install the dotnet tools application that
one app to run all Gist Sharp apps in addition to desktop apps:

$ install dotnet tool - Delaware application

Perhaps OSX and Linux users can instead run Sharp applications with the cross-platform acronym x for dotnet

Anyone can now launch a brand new Windows Desktop application by specifying sharp, the name of the application they want to open it with:

$ unbiased redis


Instant Execution Without Installation

This will search the global application registry for links to most
App in this case also brings the Redis Sharp application into the ideal Chromium Shell desktop as described above.

The list of available applications is displayed from the command line along with:

$ open application

1. Simple, lightweight and versatile Redis @ServiceStack admin user interface
2. Spirals Detecting and creating spirals, quite different reasons for SVG from @ServiceStack
3. Minimum site, multi-user Twitter Simple blog authorization via @ServiceStack
4. Rockwind example combining the Rockstar website and the Northwind browser based on @ServiceStack data.
5. redis-html Redis Viewer, administrator, which is a server-side generated website developed by html, @sharp-apps.
6.Plugins extend application plugins with ServiceStack services and more.Some C# extensions @sharp-apps
7 of. Extensible live chat app with custom AppHost with OAuth using + SSE linked to live chat @sharp-apps

Launch Applications By URL

Putting your application in the registry for everyone makes it even more attractive.
available through a big name but friendly, if you want to share your app publicly in general, test it, if necessary, publish so far,
It can also be run directly from a gist-id, gist-url, GitHub repo or zip archive, for example:

How do I fix my camera on my computer?

In Device Manager, right-click (or touch and hold) the camera, then select Properties.
Select the Driver tab, purchase a recovery driver, and click Yes.
After the restore is complete, reboot your devicefile and try opening the camera request again.

Open $App
Open Open app
$ Unlock app

Local Sharp applications can simply perform a task in the app Sharps directory:

$applications application


If you’re using macOS or Linux, you can run all Sharp applications using the cross-platform x dotnet software that runs them.
instead in your favorite web browserhere:

$x starts redis

Each application manual can be replaced with x to run in your favorite browser on MacOS windows, or Linux

Always In The Know

How do I fix my computer in safe mode?

Another unique feature of specific Sharp applications launched with open is that they always check for the latest version of the application, avoiding the need to implement an update function to get or keep fixed versions. /p>

How do I repair Windows 10 with command prompt?

Run Apps Offline

if likely to be launched with open, a folder is often created that is on the user’s .sharp-apps submit page, for example:


This is the current directory where the application is running and where all files created by applications are stored and backed up while the application is running.

For core applications, this is a great empty folder, as new important files will be downloaded in recovery, but to support running applications offline.
He is also a seriesparses all Gist files (after fetching all files) deleted into JSON at:


so when applications are running they are in the open section, they can be run locally with:

$ application starts Redis

Which would certainly load the Gist files from some sort of serialized redis.gist JSON blob instead of accessing them from a GitHub Gist. This is useful when you don’t have an internet connection or the github is down. However, since small applications want to run immediately,
It’s best to run them with Open app redis so that you inevitably use the latest version.

Launch Localized Versions Of Modified Existing Sharp Applications

If you install a running app, it will be placed in the $HOME\ folder. although sharp-apps\ if you want to make changes to it, it’s easiest
Reinstall to local directory. For Sharp applications published to a GitHub repository, you can either clone a repository or use Dotnet methods.
Install it from the command lineCheck it out using the new command to specify the repository you want to download and provide it as the -source parameter.
which user or GitHub organization.

Why is my PC so slow all of a sudden?

How can I fix the sound on my computer?

Check your volume.
Restart or change your approach to sound.
Install or update audio or publishing drivers.
Turn off sound enhancements.
In general, update the bios.

How do I Unglitch my computer?

Computer problems can sometimes be solved relatively easily. For example, restoring your computer is often enough to solve many simple problems. Restarting your own system will clear your memory, close running programs, and often any combination of factors that may have caused the error in the first place.