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While your entire family no doubt leaves the computer on all the time, you can often solve a serious problem by turning off the computer and then unplugging it. Then press and hold the power button for forty-five seconds while the computer remains turned off. This may cause the amount of light LED to flash.

Windows itself can tell you what’s causing this.

To troubleshoot your computer, start by opening the awesome Command as an administrator.

To do this, simply click Start, type cmd, and then when the command prompt icon displays TVs and Movies, right-click it and select Run as administrator.


In most windows that open, type powercfg -lastwake and press Enter.

If most people run this command within aAt that time, your computer will display a few suggestions about the last event that caused the computer to come out of sex mode, and hopefully you can use this information to figure out the cause of the problem. and contact them to resolve the issue.

How do I find out what time my computer last woke up?

To query your computer, first open a command prompt as an administrator. To do this, simply click Start, type cmd when the command prompt icon appears, right-click on it and select Run as administrator. In the tab that opens, type the entire powercfg -lastwake command and press Enter.

Q. I can’t reach one specific resource address. After failing for a few days, I called the main store and was told that there are no problems with the transaction at the moment. I have tried using Internet Explorer Chrome and Firefox and neither can access the website. I have no problem using another trusted computer of the same level. Ideas?

A. When you visit various major websites, your computer uses what is known as the Domain Name System, or DNS for short.

DNS allows your product to locate a website with one convenient and easy-to-remember host label, such as www.myfavoritesite. Instead of com, it will remember the IP address of your server.

DNS servers are what your computerinteracts to resolve the base IP address of the website you are trying to visit. These are usually provided by your ISP and are automatically configured for your PC and router.

Windows will now cache this information on your PC if you visit this website frequently.

Unfortunately, some websites change IP addresses, causing the DNS cache to no longer recognize the website you are actually trying to visit.

To fix this, try flushing the DNS memory cache by opening a command prompt and typing ipconfig /flushdns accordingly. This should change the cached DNS on your PC and allow it to find the new Internet IP you are trying to access.

UK figures this week show that Microsoft sold about 10,000 tablets in the quarter, out of nearly 600,000 tablets sold. This is the size of the total rounding error.
– Orlovsky

Tablet Andrew Surface Pro is a sexy beast. That’s why Microsoft Marketing emphasizes Gear. Have you ever wondered why Microsoft’s marketing largely ignores the fact that this is proprietary software that runs on a real tablet? I have and that’s why I bought it.

Well, not the Microsoft version. The starting price here in Canada is over $1,000, which is way too expensive. And this Pro 3 is being falsely advertised. I include, why do we call it a laptop if the price doesn’t include the keyboard?

I saved money to buy a Sony version of the Tab 11 that was refurbished on eBay. $500 includes a keyboard and therefore an interactive pen. However, unlike the Surface 3rd, there is no way to connect a keyboard to a perfect laptop-style solution. Hold (Magnets your laptop – like a case – to the front of your tablet to charge and store your Bluetooth keyboard.)

My friend Don probably came over from California last week and told me why I’ve been buying my favorite toys since we last saw each other a year ago. “None,” I replied.. Let’s go back two years when I got the Asus TF101 Transformer (with detachable keyboard); it’s incredible. Tablets

The Surface classes help me remember when HP developed PalmPilot counterparts for Windows CE under the Compaq name. It was exactly the same situation as today: wonderful electronics were hampered by terrible software written by Microsoft.

Surface tablets operate in two modes. Windows needs all 8 devices: normal PC desktop mode and that awful Metro routine. I call it terrible for the following reasons: (1) the completely flat UI doesn’t give clients any useful advice, so it’s hard to know how best to interact with the elements; and also (2) I must have a really good Microsoft account and am so tired of fighting giant corporations and their greedy collections of my digital life in the morning. So I correctly ignore Metro.