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Loading starts infrequently, go to the folders associated with the game to pin it so you can get started, it won’t take half the time. Just complete crap. Origin was not but better, the as a whole worked. (usually)

Now, if I can’t launch Battlefield 1 from Cook, this launcher should go back to the Trash because “Origin EA must not be open at the same time.” Blah blah.

PC games have long been a product of the era of game CDs and discs: now everything worthwhile is on the Internet. Platforms like Steam and EA’s origin desktop apps make it easy to download your favorite games, buy them, and play them away from home, as long as you have a good enough connection.

However, if EA or Countertop Origin doesn’t open or focus incorrectly, you often won’t be able to enjoy being behind ea Star To Wars AAA Classic Battlegrounds. Fortunately, most of the visitors to solve problems with the Et ea app, some follow the troubleshooting steps that we have detailed below.

Why Does It (or Original EA Non-desktop) Open?

There are several possible Reasons why EA Desktop won’t open origin on your PC. As with all good human-made software examples, a small glitch or corrupted file is all you think of an EA app

With Origin, if its files are corrupted, the Origin Application Market itself may stop working. If your computer freezes while playing a game, or the proper update files fail for some reason, Origin may get stuck in a suspended state and Origin itself will not be able to load. If the Origin cache files become too large, the smartphone app may crash on launch.

While Origin should probably be the culprit for its own problems, don’t ignore your hardware either. out of date Lack of app updates, graphics drivers, corrupted community files – all this can be enough to keep Origin from rebooting your computer.

These issues may also cause problems for users of EA Desktop, a game application from EA that plans to replace Origin in the future. Luckily, you can easily fix your problems.You are in Origin EA or yours (if the non-hardware computer fails).

Once you have checked the performance of your corporate PC, you can easily follow some general steps to fix Origin or EA Desktop again and crash your favorite games.

Close Another EA App

Disputes may arise if you have recently updated the EA desktop app to a new version, but Origin is already installed today. tool Both cannot be started at the moment. If you try to get both to work, you should see failure with these animals. The same happens if you want to launch Origin EA while your desktop is running.

If you suspect that an associated application is running, you should completely close it by launching it before another EA application.

Check For App Updates

Before trying the other answers, make sure you select the most recent version of Origin or EA Desktop.Outdated EA client layouts may stop or crash EA to avoid bugs or offensive outdated content nta.

Origin and EA Desktop usually try to update to, but if that’s not possible, you’ll probably have to manually set the update time. You should follow this guide if you have disabled automatic updates in the personal settings menu.

  1. To manually check for updates to Origin, go to the Origin home page. Select Origin > App Settings from the top menu. If you’re using the new ea-desktop, you’ll see the menu icon in the top left corner > Preferences instead.
  1. On the Applications tab in Origin (the application in EA Desktop), make sure the Origin Automatic Updates slider is selected and set to On. (green color). On Desktop ea, make sure the “Enable App Updates” automatic slider is checked.
  1. If auto-update is enabled in Origin or EA Desktop, and disable it again as an option by double-clicking the slider. This forces the EA Verify app to update.
  1. Once updates are enabled, exit Origin by selecting Exit Origin >. EA D usersesktop can instead select the menu icon in the top left corner > log out
  1. Once you have fully understood the client, open Origin again by going to Start > Origin (or Desktop > ea Start Menu to create ea users on your desktop). First, make sure most of them are not running by checking the taskbar at the bottom right corner of the taskbar. If this is usually the case, right-click on the icon and “Exit Select Origin”. Exit) (or .
  1. If you open Origin or Desktop ea again after enabling (or re-enabling) app updates, clients will check for new changes and install them manually. You can check your app version by selecting Help ยป > About Using the Origin Client. EA Desktop, from the menu select Help > Program > About > Program About.

Purge Source Files From Cache

Both apps, hence the new EA desktop app, use multiple temporary caches to process information. These files in images basically download applications from the store on EA games, downloading game applications and pre-release updates, without a doubt, uploading to the web pages of the application itself and connecting to EA servers.

Unfortunately, when these cache files become corrupted or too large, EA Desktop Origin no longer magically opens and closes. This can also cause problems connecting to EA.

Therefore, if the Gold Origin EA Desktop is offline and not deleting it reconnects, the cache files may solve the problem.

How to clear the Origin cache

  1. To cache remote file types in Origin, right-click on Start Food and select Run. First, make sure the Origin app is in no hurry.
  1. In the Run box, enter %ProgramData%/Origin, and select click OK.
  1. In File Explorer, select all files and folders except for the LocalContent you want to keep. Right-click the selected files and select Delete.