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  • Satellite Pro M30 BIOS Error Resource Conflict – Change Setting or Start


    My M30 portable satellite is booting up with a bios error. Error with the message “Resource conflict, how to change BIOS settings or boot” when “boot” is determined, the computer freezes and before Windows fully loads. I removed those Wi-Fi and tethering items and got the same error message. I can’t update the bios because you are loading Windows. BIOS version will be 1.7. Notebook English version. Select “Edit any bio”, run bios but I can’t find resource management.

    Thank you

    (sorry for speaking english, I’m from Spain)


    I think the BIOS error recovery setting means you need to use it to enter the BIOS and set the BIOS settings to default.

    Please save your settings when you try to upload!

  • 15 Monitoring Alienware BIOS 8772


    I’ve had a few seizures, my Alienware 15 laptop (2015) would sometimes not load with logo loading.
    I mean, sometimes it probably just stays on “Alienware logo” and doesn’t command anything, just fires 20 A little later, at the latest, or sometimes at you should have 2 or 3 minutes to boot, always at the windows boot logo, purchasing with HARD leads to madness as it was seen as looking for something else before being directed to wifi… < /p >

    I’ve tried the BIOS (A00, A02, A03, A04) all the way and everything is incredible with a file error generated by desktop flashing: “Error 8772: Invalid use, modification required – even allows you to update the firmware model” ( file disappears after restart laptop).

    What does this mean?
    I tried to discuss everything happening in my country with Dell support, but instead of reinstalling Windows or the BIOS, they didn’t know what to do because I had nothing to lose. . ..

    How do I fix Windows startup error?

    Boot the entire system from the installation media based on the installed version of Windows.
    On the Install Windows screen, select Next > Repair Your Computer.
    On the Select an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
    On this advanced options screen, select the Startup Repair option.

    Thanks 🙂

    And please try to find where you have the SSD in the photo bios

  • How do you fix this device Cannot find enough free resources that it can use code 12?

    1] Follow the suggested solution.
    2] Troubleshoot hardware and devices.
    3] Update your device driver frequently via Device Manager.
    4] Remove the annoying device.
    5] Allocate resources from the BIOS.

    OS 9.3.3 and Windows XP, Apple Enterprise Bug 80090326

    How do you fix this device Cannot find enough free resources that it can use?

    In Device Manager, double-click the problematic driver.
    Click on the driver’s monthly bill, then click on Roll Back Driver.
    Click Yes when prompted to confirm.
    Restart your home computer and check if Whether the device is working properly.

    9.3.IOS 3 plus Windows XP, iTunes error 80090326

    Launch32-bit version of iTunes with trends

    Windows XP SP3

    iPhone 4 with OS 7.1.2 can connect to iTunes without problems

    iPhone 4 running iOS 9.3.3 can connect to iTunes: error 9 80090326

    I tried unsuccessfully to reinstall iTunes to “restore” QuickTime.

    Using Make It Easy for Microsoft KB 968730, you tried unsuccessfully to add support for the SHA-256 Encrypted Screen using XP service 375554.

    The XP extension for >Windows=7 seems to be the only solution that works.

    How do I fix Windows hardware Error?

    Open settings.
    Click Update & Security.
    Click Troubleshoot.
    Select the troubleshooter that matches the hardware with the problem.
    Click the “Run someone’s troubleshooter” button.
    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Anyone around – have a useful iPhone with iOS 9.3.3. Connect Apple iTunes on Windows XP for a solution?

    Important information I forgot to mention:

    iPhone 4S running iOS 9.3.3 completely cleared the network and showed the “Welcome” screen

    I was able to restore from a real-time iCloud backup and also after I was able to link my phone to iTunes

    This is an issue with a specific blank iPhone, not yet implemented by visiting everyone.

  • When accessing intranet sites that use SSL certificates issued by the author, FF for Windows throws 1 error “DER is incorrectly encoded in New message form”

    When accessing intranet sites where SSL certificates are simply issued by our internal PKI, FF running on Windows throws an error – any error occurred while logging in, so you might think. Security Library: Mangled secure DER message. (Error code: sec_error_bad_der)

    Chrome and IE work fine. Again, this is a PKI using the SHA-2 signing algorithm.

    How do I fix error code 12 on Windows 10?

    About the built-in troubleshooter.
    Turn off the device.
    Restore previous state.
    Change BIOS settings for GPUs.
    Update the device driver.
    Fix the registry entries.
    Update your BIOS.
    Revert recent changes.

    I was able to identify the problem. Our infrastructure public key uses signature algorithms that FF does not support.

  • Satellite L850 – special P9 – pretty big bug in Windows 8 athwx &a;.



    I recently bought a new laptop, Satellite L850-1, P9.First

    In a week of using the laptop, there were no problems with ants, but in the last 3 days, only one BSOD stopped directly on the laptop. Done,

    So before I wrote the entire document out of something like “athwx_8”. I read that this nasty error is associated with all software that can be installed.

    The platform I’m currently using is exactly the same as the one on that old laptop, exceptMaybe it has something to do with the software driver.

    Here is a new link to get the Windows Event Viewer: [Confirmed Bugs | http://sdrv.


    I ms/1a0q3e6]

    recommends a factory reset of the laptop.
    Hopefully this is just a software issue that can be fixed with a basic system restore.

    Don’t know how to do this?
    If not, check out this helpful Toshiba document:

    [Windows 8 Recovery and Recovery |]

    You actually choose to *Redesign your PC*.
    This option will uninstall and reinstall Windows, permanently delete your valuable personal files and PC services, and restore Windows 8 to its original state. Whether the state is caused by a clean install in Windows 8 or an OEM default installation depends on the specific media used for the job.

    Any comments are welcome

  • Tecra S1 works fine but doesn’t work properly to beep BIOS error

    Toshiba S1 began to develop steadily aftersome period of use.

    Sometimes: BIOS error sounds: short-short-long.
    Sometimes: Blue filter with reduced resolution or reduced screen height.
    Sometimes: Hangs (freezes) and needs to be turned off manually.

    Toshiba uses its own bios. No, do you know of any alternatives? Are these beeps or should they be supported?
    Is this a hardware connection problem between the card and the monitor, or a memory error?


    Have you tried the memory test? If not, I recommend that you achieve this. For these tests I prefer memtest86 (

    How do you fix this device Cannot find enough free resources that it can use code 12?

    1] Follow the suggested solution.
    2] Troubleshoot hardware and devices.
    3] Updating a device driver requires Device Manager.
    4] Remove the device causing the problem.
    5] Allocate resources from the BIOS.

    How do I fix Windows BIOS?

    Go less to the Settings tab and more to the Start menu by clicking on my gear icon.
    Click “Update & Security” and select “Recover from Type” in the left sidebar.
    Under the Advanced Setup heading, you should see a Restart Now option. Click on it whenever you want.