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Are there any ways to get a Win32AppBackgroundContext message on your primary Windows 10 PC with a white background? This is a common problem that many Windows 10 users have encountered, and it’s quite frustrating.

Since the victory Windows 10, life has become easier for Windows owners thanks to the wide range of features and functions of Windows 10. Thanks to Microsoft, so regular updates bring new changes to Windows 10 features and tasks at regular intervals,

However, the operating system may experience occasional errors, bugs, and unexpected failures. The real error is the Win32AppBackgroundContext message, which can pop up out of nowhere no matter how you work on your PC. A blank white screen appears with an error that also appears after viewing the message, preventing you from working on your PC. However, this problem also seems to be able to be solved for some strange reason. Let’s see how.

Solution: Remove Easymail Gmail

EasyMail is a standalone application with which you can receive consActivate Gmail right on your computer. All in all, it simplifies the process of using Gmail in the browser by giving you easy access to your email addresses, calendar, and notes in the dual app. It also allows you to switch between accounts with a single click. Unfortunately, this application can also interfere with your own system functions and cause your Win32AppBackgroundContext message to have a white background. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Let’s get acquainted 1: how:

Go to the start menu at the top and type EasyMail in the Windows search bar.

Start, Windows Search Easymail

Step 2. Right click (EasyMail for Gmail end result) and right click to select Delete.

Wait for the easymail application to be uninstalled, thenReboot your computer.

Now the Win32AppBackgroundContext frequency issue should be fixed and the client shouldn’t see any White Story either.

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Running Win32AppBackgroundContext on a Windows 10 PC with a nice white background? This is a common situation experienced by many Windows 10 users and is particularly frustrating.

Since the launch of 10, Windows has become much easier to use for Windows users with a variety of features and functions. Thanks to Microsoft, regular updates regularly add new features in addition to the features of Windows 10,

However, the operating system as a whole is also prone to random errors, bugs, and crashes at unexpected times. One such error is the Win32AppBackgroundContext slogan that can pop up out of nowhere while you’re working on your PC. For most errors, a blank white screen appears, which is validIt appears visibly after viewing email and interferes with your work on the computer, therefore, there is a possibility of elimination. Let’s see how.

Workaround: Remove EasyMail For Gmail

EasyMail is a standalone application that brings all the benefits of Gmail to your desktop. Overall, it also makes it easier to use Gmail like you would in a browser, making it easy to connect to your mail, calendar, and tips in one app. At the same time, you can switch from one specific account to another with just one click. However, this application may even interfere with your system functions and cause the Win32AppBackgroundContext message to have a white background. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Let’s see how:

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and type EasyMail in the Windows search bar.

Step. Right-click the result (EasyMail for Gmail) and select Delete from any right-click context menu.

Wait while the easymail application is uninstalled, then restart your computer.

The Win32AppBackgroundContext issue message should now be gonewow, and owners should no longer see white inheritance. Find

I enjoy writing technical articles about PCs and Windows software

Here is a question from a reader from Simone:

Hi, I just discovered your Geek Whisperer blog on updates and how to make your computer happy. I’m sure I’m a little afraid of achievement, so I’m constantly fighting this damn machine. I wish I bumped into you now, but I promise the Scientist I usually get a lesson!

I’m using Photoshop CS2 (PC, Windows XP Prof) and I’m having trouble starting the program… wrong serial number or organization… a little bit and all… I’ve been using it for months without using the program , but she interacted well.

All in all, I could probably do everything the update promises to do, and probably most of my CS2 as a whole.

Is there a way to provide the necessary updates? Recently, when I turned off my computer, the “Install updates and shut down” option was an option, but now it’s gone.

I’ve checked the web for updates, but to be honest I have no idea what exactly I’m doing… I wouldn’t know if I’ve uploaded the right people or not, so I’d rather make updates that show up for my computer. i

Sorry, very monotonous and clumsy in my geek language, on the contrary, any help you can give people is appreciated!

Well, Simone, I’m glad to hear that you’re about to update your software. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble in the future… but let’s take a look at the problem the experts say you’re facing right now.

For errors like yours, it’s best to “google the error”. Always put the word in the error message in quotation marks for Google (if that doesn’t work, try not to put the quotation marks). /p>

Then what other people did in a similar situation, or at the very least find out why it happened so that a techie (or geek) can fix your current problem.

Googling your problem, I found that is very informative, it directlyconcerns your issue and comes directly from Adobe .

However, there is a way to start from scratch that can be very effective; You can solve your problem without imagining anything. Simply put, starting from scratch means completely uninstalling Adobe Photoshop from your computer and desktop, then reinstalling it whenever you need to (and be sure to restart it between each project if you get promoted).

A fresh install usually resolves these issues with any vendor. To get it right, I would suggest following the guide at This guide can also be found by google “Photoshop CS2 Perfect Uninstall”.

Google is really new, a great resource for solving very complex questions, application-related problems… “the wisdom of most people” and all that.

If these two solutions didn’t solve your problems, please let us know here at The Geek Whisperer. Send us a screenshot of the error message and we’ll probably be happy to help you sort out your problem.